1 Part of Me.. :)

Assalamualaikum.. :')click me!!

I'm back again.. this time with sad story to share with you guys.

there was this girl, named *******, she is the apple of my eye. i love her dearly, but, i was not good enough for her. yet, i tell her that i wasnt good enough for her.

after hearing that from me, she told me that, "if u think u're not good enough, change, be the person good enough for me".

then, i was really happy and determined. at first, ofcourse i change because of her, but then, i try to be sincere to myself, her and most important, changing to be better person for Allah.

after a few month with her, Alhamdulillah, i've change bit by bit.. i was very grateful because of her, i can do it.

she's like my life. without her, im lost, totally lost. seconds without her is like HELL. >.<"

i dunno how can i continue my living after this..

dont u ever leave me again.. :'(

to asm3clan, i love u so damn fucking much!! :-*

u're the other part of me that's missing..

now, u've completed me. :)

insyaAllah, i will try my best to be want u have expected from me. :)

click me!!