3 minggu..

cuti datang lagi..!! XD

alaa.. cuti lagi, 3 minggu plak tu.. tataw nk wat ape cuti 3 minggu.. tapi kat terengganu banyak plak event time cuti nih.. bese xde un..  cuti kali ni start ngan pesta buku and pesta barangan branded which is held at Terengganu Trade Centre (TTC).. banyak gak buku2 yg menarik bagi aku.. tapi mase first time pegi tu, duit xde.. HAHA..

duk kat umah bosan giler, rindu kt Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Dato' Razali Ismail.. hurmm.. rindu kat roomate, Ammar Rusydi.. hah?? o.O? hehe... shh~ xpe2.. skali skala luah perasaan.. rindu nk berDotA dengan classmate... rindu Assignment.. huhu..

apekan daya.. terpaksa gak balik.. tapi at least hati yg duka ni terubat dengan kehadiran  anak sedara baru.. selamat datang datang family ni ye?? ;)  hero tu... 1st and 2nd anak sdare, dah heroin, ok ar tu dapat hero plak. :D bleh wat askar aku. hahaha


Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

william shakespeare's macbeth. our big project this semester.. ^_^

its quite interesting to study macbeth play.. at the beginning, its quite hard to swallow it, but eventually, i did.. :)
thanks to the drama itself as i become one of the actor, the scottish nobleman, Ross. i thought my character dont have too much dialog, but i was mistaken. =.=''
my dialog is so much more than Banquo.. still struggle to memorize it.

we faced many challenges during the preparation, yet, we manage to handle it though.. hik3 macbeth,macbeth.. such a mesmerize memory. :)

for once,it returned to me.. :')

its been so long since i update my dear blog. sorry blog. i was not in mood for quite a while. :') my life was so dull and empty since my mother left me 4 years ago. for some time, i was happy being here at IPGM KDRI. but eventually, it turn out to be the same like in high school.

i dunno, is it me? or what?? :'( my friends, i feel like they are getting further and further away from me.. im sad, very sad.. but, i know, im not suppose to be sad.. Alhamdulillah, Allah send this beautiful lady to colour my life again; im happy.. but, i was to happy untill i forget the purpose of Him sending her to me. :( then she was taken away from me, i dont really can accept it. but, i have to swallow it bit by bit. even if its killing me. but, Alhamdulillah, we became bestfriend and live our lives happier than before. we are bestfriend, yet we still like couple. :)

im trying to change to become a better person as she is there to help me.. and, from time to time, i am changing... :) thank you. a friend in need is a friend indeed.