Social Study Exhibition~~

hye! hye! hye!

a new day, a new post..:)

today, 30 September 2010, thursday, is the day of our exhibition..


Me finishing up our group's sign.(i paint it myself! :D )

it was held at the Dataran Ilmu from 8.30a.m to 1.00p.m.. there are 4 Tesl class that were involve in the exhibition and each class have 8 groups. each groups were given a topic to choose for the exhibition. and my group and I got the topic Technology in Communication. well,at first, i was wondering what to exhibit about the topic,then when my group go ask our Social Study lecturer, sir Dzaki, he brief us about what to do that related to our topic.

Muzark and Nasir doing the decorations...
Muzark, Dzul, Nasir & Aiman doing the decorations. (lakonan semata-mata)

Faez & Akmal glittering the leaf for the decorations.

we had some time for preparing all the materials,informations, realias and all the decorations for our booth..

I Wonder. . . . .

Assalamualaikum.. it's been a while since i didn't write something here, at my blog. well, I've been busy  doing all the assignments given by my lecturers..

well, all you readers must be wondering why i put "I WONDER" as my blog title post this I right?? 


this is because i really am wondering what will happen to all of us, TESL 4 IPG KDRI. (-__-")
what will us been doing if all the assignment had finished and dont have anything to do??
can you imagine??
i dont wanna go back to same old routine when in school, which is go to classes, returned from classes, eat, play, eat, playing games and surf the internet till morning..


I WONDER. . . . .

RaYa oh Raya

lame tol x update blog..rase mcm dah berkurun..hak3
well,raye taon ni agak x best sebab bercuti dengan kekasih tersayang,
arghh..!! >.<
sungguh x best..

Raya 2010 x best sebab:

1) family x cukup corumm

2) raya dengan assignments

3) x sempat shopping sakan!! >.<"

4) x cukup mase nak pegi raye umah kawan2 and cikgu2 time skola..

5) haaa...yang ni paling x best.. X DAPAT BANYAK DUIT RAYE!!!! sunggo tak puas aty..

thats all from me in diz post this time..till next time.