Social Study Exhibition~~

hye! hye! hye!

a new day, a new post..:)

today, 30 September 2010, thursday, is the day of our exhibition..


Me finishing up our group's sign.(i paint it myself! :D )

it was held at the Dataran Ilmu from 8.30a.m to 1.00p.m.. there are 4 Tesl class that were involve in the exhibition and each class have 8 groups. each groups were given a topic to choose for the exhibition. and my group and I got the topic Technology in Communication. well,at first, i was wondering what to exhibit about the topic,then when my group go ask our Social Study lecturer, sir Dzaki, he brief us about what to do that related to our topic.

Muzark and Nasir doing the decorations...
Muzark, Dzul, Nasir & Aiman doing the decorations. (lakonan semata-mata)

Faez & Akmal glittering the leaf for the decorations.

we had some time for preparing all the materials,informations, realias and all the decorations for our booth..